Concierge Wellness Program

Superior Wellness Center Services Concierge Wellness Program


Concierge medicine is defined as a form of health care in which a patient pays their doctor an annual retainer or fee in exchange for improved access and service. This form of practice is generally smaller, which results in more personalized and supportive care.

Concierge care is a term that describes personalized services that are provided outside of the traditional office setting. Concierge care can be used not only for for acute injuries and chronic pain, but increased athletic performance, quicker recovery, increased energy and focus, and stress management.

Some of the benefits of concierge care are:

  • Availability at non-traditional appointment times
  • Convenience
  • Comprehensive services for one set fee
  • A more private setting
  • Continuity of care (with other providers such as your massage therapist, personal trainer, etc.)

Concierge care is often provided at:

  • Private residences
  • Sporting events
  • Performance venues


Common Questions About Concierge Care

Will my insurance pay for my services when I do concierge care?
Unfortunately, insurance does not cover services provided by a chiropractic physician outside of the office setting. Maintenance and wellness care are non-covered services with most insurance plans. Cash, check, and credit cards as well as health savings accounts are some of the options for payment.
Can anyone get concierge care?
Yes and no. Concierge care is not limited to the “rich and famous” although treatment outside of the clinical setting is not always appropriate.
How long is a typical session?
A session is based upon the services needed on that particular day. An average session will typically run 60-90 minutes.